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Bayer MaterialScience is one of the world's largest producers of polymers and high-performance plastics. Its innovative developments in coatings, adhesives,insulating materials and sealants, polycarbonates and polyurethanes significantly enhance the quality of our lives. With its comprehensive product portfolio, the Coatings, Adhesives, and Specialties Business Unit (BU CAS) offers raw materials for system solutions in many different industries. Our raw materials are based mainly on polyurethane chemistry. Backed by its outstanding expertise and know-how built up over many decades, Bayer MaterialScience is one of the leading global players in this segment. CAS materials are used in many different applications. The products made with them protect cars, aircraft, railway stock, ships and even oil platforms from the effects of weathering and corrosion. They also help to ensure that substances like red wine, cleaning agents and other aggressive media do not stain furniture and parquet floors. Concrete, too, can be given lasting protection from abrasion and weathering with CAS raw materials.